The Iuter Games are back.

Saturday 6th March 2010, Bardonecchia, 3rd edition for the best snowboard italian contest. No rules. No judges … so how can we fucking call it contest?
Well, there’s a lot of money to win, and thousands of chances to get them.

Ok, let’s make the point: Vans, Fiat Freestyle Team and Malibu supported their insanity once again.
What comes out is an event where everybody @ the olympic Melezet Park will ride in a jam session jugdged by themselves, and when they say “everybody” they really mean pro filmed snowboarders and beginners.

Your skill on every structure¬† grants bills of 50 or 100 Iuteuros to be changed with real money at the end of the race. Global jackpot: 3.000 Euros … and anybody can get it.

And if you’re too drunk to fuck, your shelter is at the feet of the pipe, with music, the ollie contest, the death race….all simple niggles.
So all of you, snowboarders, skiers, garden dwarfs, sofa beds are invited.

A couple of coffees then, and they’ll move to the Olimpique for an incredible party, Dj Parro and Brokeone Mc’s of this night pumping electro to the day after!.

More on the microsite and in the facebook page.

Photos courtesy of Iuter.