Talk to me about the story of the band!
Myspace Invaders is a punk-rock band form Trieste (Italy) which formed in 2007. The current line-up features Francesco “Bardy” Bardaro (drums and vocals), Simone “Kelly Simon” Stocheli (guitars and lead vocals), Sami “LuciferSam” Decaneva (Bass) and Andrea “Jhonny” Zanolla (guitars and lead vocals). Each one of the members had previously played in other bands with different musical backgrounds, bringing together various influences to My Space Invaders, summing up eventually in what could be defined an high energy melodic punk-rock.

What did you do in the last six months?
In the last six months we were busy recording the new album, prepare graphics, and play some shows!


What have you got in your wallet now?
Driver license and nothing else!

Why have you chosen this name for your band?
Our drummer Bardy decided the name of the band, he mixed “Space Invaders” and “MySpace” the most popular Social Network of 2007.

Tell us about the new LP No money no fun. Are you fully satisfied with it?
Not at all! We forgot something…

Which is the highest point of the LP?
There’s a certain vocal note in the song “Myself” that’s pretty hard to reach! Don’t try this at home!


…And the lowest point?
We forgot to delete some burps and farts here and there, but we’re sure they’re pretty good hidden.

How would you define your sound?
Imagine a freight train full of melody derailing onto a studio record!

Punk-Hardcore. Describe for me these 2 words!
Fast and Heavy! Like us!

Which bands have influenced your style?
We are influenced by many bands: Blink 182, Metallica, Green Day, Sum 41, The Offspring, System Of A Down, MXPX, Get Up Kids, NoFx and many more…

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Beach, beer, friends, joint.

Tell me some of the bands you admire.
Elvis Jackson, Street Dogs, Flogging Molly and many more…

What song is in your head right now?
“Brown girl in the ring” by Boney M.

Name 3 words that describe your band.
Sweat, ignorance, melody.

Which are the best and the worst qualities of your band?
Sam the bass player has got a subhuman force, instead seems the guitar players have been infected with some source of hernia and they can’t lift weights (it’s all up to me and Bardy dude!).

And of your local music scene?
Unfortunately there are not many punk-rock/melodic hardcore bands from where we come from… The most close to us are definitely L’invasione Degli Omini Verdi and Carry-All.

What is the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been with My Space Invaders?
Our drummer went to the toilet between the show!

Have you got a good reason to be in Behind Magazine?
Nope! But I think you will love our music!

Have you got something to add?
Want to say hello to all our fans our fans who are visiting your great website!

The new LP No money no fun by My Space Invaders is out! Check

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