01 Describe for me the term post-hardcore? What is it? Music? Lifestyle? Why “post”?
Post-Hardcore, we really don’t know the exactly meaning. Now all the world had explained thousands and thousands genre and sub-genre, with all the “core” word inside. For us the post-hardcore are band like underoath, funeral for a friends, from first to last, something like that, but we can’t really define our specifically genre

02 Are you a difficult person to work with?
I am the most patient person in the world i think! So it’s simply work with me if there’s respect!

03 Have you ever made any enemies along the way?
Not at all, sometimes someone had “something of unknown” against me, but i’m really very quiet and respectful. Most of the time problem about jealousy towards me.

04 What’s the most hilarious thing you’ve witnessed during your time in the band?
Oh, it’s difficult chose the best one, but we are insane, and sometimes one of us, say or do things inexplicably stupid! One day we’ve seen someone came in our rehearsal room and close the door with key, because out there was two person with a machete that fight on the parking out side, not funny at all, but we’ve laughed so much about that!


05 What’s the hardest part of the lifestyle you’ve chosen?
The hardest part of this lifestyle, it’s that you are every day against the judgement of the people, every fucking day. And everything you do, it’s focused, the people have the tendency to remember more the bad things than the good things of a band, so we can’t wrong anything, and sometimes this stressed us to much. It’s difficult have a normal social life if you play in a band, this passion consumes us day by day (in better).

06 Is there a song you’re most proud of writing and why?
Maybe the best song is “Not The Same Flags” for me, because talk about my grandpa that when he was my age, he fought on the II° W.W. for giving us the peace today.

07 What are your personal ambitions?
Leave a mark on the future generations, don’t live in vain.

08 And about the band?
Reach more people possible in the World.

09 What albums would you take to a desert island?
A registered trademark of survival in a lonely island!

10 What band would you like to see split up and which would you like to see re-form?
Would like to see back again Underoath, no one deserve to split up, why? Music is for everyone!

11 What do you take with you when you are in tour?
Next our gears, on tour can not miss the GoPro, for document everything we do!


12 What does the band do to kill time when you’re on the road?
We just talk between us or listen to music!
13 Do you collect something?
No, I don’t have time for this!

14 What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?
Yeah! I’m still alive!

15 Talk to me about your new album “What burns inside”. Are you fully satisfied man?
For sure! We are really proud of this first album! Is passed something like 1 year, before the recording process, and we’ve thinking on every part for do something of fresh and new! We’re so happy!

16 Melancholy, strength, courage, desire to emerge, elegance and passion are part of the album. Talk to me about the various mental states present in the album.
In this album, we’ve talked about our passion of the music, our sacrifices, the feelings and the pain we have feel in these years, and our energy.

17 “What burns inside”, what do you mean with this title?
We show to the people that listen to that, what kind of passion burns inside us, and “What burns inside”, is exactly the music that came out directly by us.

18 Favourite alcoholic drink?

19 Who would you most like to have a drink with?
A friend I have not seen for a long time.

20 Album you would like to be played at your funeral?
“The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance