THE LAST TWENTY QUESTIONS WITH… Pino Di Gugliemo (Clan Bastardo)

01 Describe for me the term punk-rock? What is it? Music? Lifestyle? A method for have many cunts?!
For me punk-rock is a vision of freedom, an attitude that came from inside. It’s the music I like since I was 16 and now I’m 34 so it’s a true love I think ahah!

02 Are you a difficult person to work with?
I don’t know depend on how difficut is the person I’m working with. Actually I just like to see the things more perfect as possible, perfect but without taking off the soul.

03 Have you ever made any enemies along the way?
Live a life without enemies it’s impossibile and will be boring!

04 What’s the most hilarious thing you’ve witnessed during your time in the band?
When we were on tour in UK few years ago a fan jump on the stage and ask us to play an Italian song from the 60’s cause his mother love that song!


05 Is there a song you’re most proud of writing and why?
Every songs have a meaning for me maybe the lyrics of our new LP “Ancora Brucia” and “Un Posto per me” are more poetics, but I’m proud of all the songs I wrote. I don’t like the bands that make 1 or 2 good songs and other 15 just to fill the album.

06 What are your personal ambitions?
I just wanna go on writing songs, playing with my band and have fun. I think the most important thing is live the life you wanna live, be true and try to not have too much regrets.

07 And about the band?
To be a real band need 3 things: stay true, sell album and do shows and that’s all I want for my band.

08 What albums would you take to a desert island?
Mine haah I’m joking I don’t know maybe an unplugged of Nirvana or Pearl Jam.

09 What band would you like to see split up and which would you like to see re-form?
Don’t know I don’t really like to talk about other bands.

10 What do you take with you when you are in tour?
Not too much things especially when we go in the South America we take there all we need, I remember when we tour Europe we bring the coffee machine cause at the end we are always italian hahah!

11 What does the band do to kill time when you’re on the road?
Depend on where we are on tour but usually we go around to take a look a the city, meet new people and drink.

12 Do you collect something?
I collect dreams.

13 What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up?
This is late!

14 Talk to me about your new album “Ancora brucia”. Are you fully satisfied man?
Yes, sure, 101% I really love how this album sound.

Clan Bastardo artwork

15 Adrenaline, rage, hope and passion are part of the album. Talk to me about the various mental states present in the album.
As I told you I write and speak about my life and what happens to me, then maybe not so many happy things happen to me so I always comes out with an anger album, but it is an emotion, can be anger, joy, love, which give the fire to writing. I think without emotion nobody will be able to write something, decent at least. I write on impulse, I have never searched for words but they have always searched me and as long as it happens I can say that Still Burns.

16 “Ancora brucia”, what do you mean with this title?
Still Burns it’s about a vision of love, passion for music and a special girl all mixed togheter. It’s about the way I lived this 2 years since the first album.

17 Favourite alcoholic drink?
Gin & tonic.

18 Who would you most like to have a drink with?
Bukowski if he was alive.

19 Album you would like to be played at your funeral?
I don’t know anyway I’m gonna live 300 years so I have time to decide haahah!

20 Something to add?
Thanx guys and sorry for my english! Stay true.