The Leak – Free Movie

The Leak it’s a free snowboard movie by Variety Pack. It was filmed by a slew of people then chopped up and edited by shred movie chef extraordinaire Eddie Grams “…the footy is from the first part of our 09/10 season, filmed from mid-November until mid-February. So gather around kids and enjoy…”

Featuring Sean Black, Parker Duke, Ben Farrell, Matty Mo, Ian Boll, Zak Hale, Sage Kotsenburg, Alex Beebe, Alex Andrews, Brandon Hammid and Ted Borland.

Also including Will Tuddenham, Tucker Andrews, Ben Littler, Jordon Emerson, Ted Lavoie, Danny Buller, Brandon Hobush, Johnny Lazz, Mac Spedale and Tyler Ashbee.

Shot with Panasonic HVX200 by Eddie Grams, Mark Dangler, Matt Roberge, Justin Meyer, Sean Lucey, Cole Taylor, Gary Tyler McLeod, Brad Sarauer, Colin D Watt, Cam Boll, Nick Martini and Sean McCormick.