This week, we see Drew throw down at the Swatch Prime Line event in Munich in his first official contest round, long overdue after a bumpy start to the season. Battling back against an injury early in the summer, the road to slopestyle glory has not been easy, and Drew has paid in blood, sweat and uncharacteristically foul language.

“The course is amazing, and feel like it’s more my style. Obviously the pressure is there, we are on the biggest stage of mountain biking at a Diamond event. But I made it into finals and had that chance to step my runs up… I had that mental knowing that I could do it” – Drew Bezanson

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The Learning Curve is a six-part series released every Monday that captures the high-fives, tumbling lows and humbling experience of Drew Bezanson’s first season on the FMB World Tour of slopestyle mountain biking as he attempts to earn a spot at Red Bull Joyride on Sunday, August 21st.