The Meaning of Life. A fool opinion

It’s not 42, as the Monty Phyton raved. It’s not the eternal life after-death.
‘cause God does not exist. And he won’t welcome you with Jesus at his side. ‘cause life is a short-term employment contract, with undefined terms. After that, just sleep. And dark. And all we are moves to dust. As all ends up in an infinite black hole, our mission is leaving an imprint.
In the world’s mind. As soon as possible. ‘cause we never know if we will still be here tomorrow.  Everything we are could change the future. The real life-after-life, as far as I know.
Make up your mind about what’s best for your life. And for your daily survival. Instinct will guide you, if you give him voice. Just follow it. And move.
Talk to the people you know, those who don’t agree with you. ‘cause they’ll run you down with people they know. And your opinion will enter someone’s mind whose existence you ignored. Maybe not, but if so, your life will have been meaningful like the one of the greatest philosopher. And meet as many people as possible.
Be good, ‘cause justice will punish your enemies with their own weapons eventually. And after that, crying on their misfortune, they’ll maybe figure out when they did the same to you.  And they’ll finally understand they had to be good, like you are. Listen and work out the emotions of told stories, then find new listeners, and pass them the same feelings on. Respect life, but don’t respect the lives of those who don’t respect life. ‘cause they don’t deserve to live.  Don’t oblige anyone to accept your teachings, someday they’ll naturally follow you, it’s just a matter of time. But, always remember that your freedom ends where the freedom of other beings begins.
Dont’ be selfish. This is not your world, your falling in it happened randomly. The only life-after-life that I know consists in memories of friends and adversaries. ‘cause a face would be forgotten, but words and actions will be handed down for generations. This can be the real meaning of life. Just a footstep, but the right one.

Go in peace now, come back to work, ’cause the coffee break was over 5 minutes ago.