Tell me about the story of the band!
Craving For Caffeine were born in 2011 when Simone (Poca) Matteucci (guitar), Francesco (Anzwer) Spaggiari (drums) e Fabio Boila (bass) met. Soon the trio was forced to adapt to the reduced line-up, beacuse Fabio was involved in other musical projects and decided to left the band! We decide to replace the bass sound with synthesizer and… We found our sound! Our first album was released in 2013 with songs composed by the old band and new ones written in duo line-up! After the promotional period with shows all around Italy, we immediately returned to the studio to work on new material which gave life to “Disturbing The Neighborhood”. Now we are back on the road to promote our new stuff!

What did you do in the last six months?
We have been busy mainly filming our first video, with the direction of Beppe Platania and planning winter shows, as well as summer ones!

What have you got in your wallet now?
Aside from my ID, various cards and some change, I guess some guitar picks!

Why have you chosen this name for your band?
We like the way it sound! Jokes aside. The main part of musician’s time is spent during night hours and often caffeine is the essential fuel to finish what we were working on, so we asked ourselves: why not?!

How important is the look/appearance for your band?
We think it’s very important for the show the way you look, but sometimes, the appearance takes more of the rightful place. We make music, that’s what is important to us.


Tell us about the new LP “Disturbing The Neighborhood”. Are you fully satisfied with it?
“Disturbing The Neighborhood” is our second production and it brings with it a lot more
experimenting than 1st Craving. We pushed our sound to the extreme, contaminating it with all the musical colors that we have played in other bands, whilst still trying to keep the structure of our songs as simple as possible. Even we were surprised, as the result was a record that is full of energy, distortions and electronics. We really like it.

Which is the highest point of the LP?
It’s difficult to us to say which is the highest point, maybe “Say Goodbye”, but we like all the songs,it’s not easy to pick one! (he laughs)

…And the low point?
As I said, it’s not easy… Mmm, maybe “Electr_1”, but I’m not sure (he laughs)!

How would you define your sound?
Generally we don´t like to make big distinctions, we find it reductive and very difficult to categorise the sound of a band. Perhaps Alternative Metal? I’m really not sure…

Heavy music. Describe for me these words! And what do you think, is a good compromise to describe your style?
In my opinion, heavy music is the one that transmits energy. The sounds, the riffs, the distorted electronic parts, let’s say all that provides an impact. Do we do heavy music? I thinks so, at least I hope!

Which bands have influenced your style?
In our background there are loads of influences: Metallica, Queen, Extreme, Creed, Foo Fighters, Slipknot, Alter Bridge, Faith No More etc. As far as the heavy side is concerned. Obviously this was insufficient to generate our sound which has also been influenced by Coltrane, Davis, Tuck & Patti, Chemical Brothers but even James Brown, Incognito, Frank Zappa. In short there is something for everyone there!


What is your idea of perfect happiness?
I’d say family, friends and a little bit of extra money!

Tell me some of the bands you admire?
Undoubtedly many of the bands mentioned above have been inspirational, but most certainly the extreme, for always having been the same band members but having continuously renewed themselves and Slipnot because, other than their artistic abilities, they have been able to reach the mainstream notwithstanding their genre being considered a niche, at least until now!

What song is in your head right now?
“Blackest Eyes” by Porcupine Tree.

And of your local music scene?
In our neck of the woods the Rock scene is well established and therefore you can find place to play and present your own music. What proves more difficult is getting out of the niche and bring your own music to a wider public. We’re still playing, let’s see what comes next!

What is the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been with Craving For Caffeine?
Well, maybe it was the time we had to move the entire stage set-up (drums, guitar amps etc) which cause a huge series of feedback. The floor was empty in seconds! We had to stop the show, it was unsustainable!

Have you got a good reason to be in Behind Magazine?
It should be you telling me!

Have you got something to add?
In the meanwhile we would like to thank Behind Mag to having has us, as well as all our staff and who support us!