Talk to me about the story of the band!
Harry is a side acoustic project. It is very old and very nice. Take a minute to listen.

What did you do in the last six months?
The same as the six before.

What have you got in your wallet now?
Enough money to consider me rich, until Friday.

Why have you chosen this name for your band?
…Mmm… You like it?

How important is the look/appearance for your band?
We dress like we are going to sleep.

Tell us about the new self titled EP. Are you fully satisfied with it?
Yes, it is the best one actually available in our sad country.

Which is the highest point of the EP?
The beginning.

How would you define your sound?


Acoustic rock. Describe for me this word!
No electricity, no tubes. Wood and wires.

Which bands have influenced your style?
Probably Smashing Pumpkins. Probably Alice In Chains.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
The Italian countryside, a good glass of wine, an old guitar.

Tell me some of the bands you admire.
Fine Before You Came, listen them.

What song is in your head right now?
“La pappa col pomodoro”. An Italian standard of the ‘50s.

Name 3 words that describe your band.
Simple, emotional, old.

Which are the best and the worst qualities of your band?
We have brilliant songs, we drink before we play.

And of your local music scene?
Italy, generally, sucks. Sometimes it works.

What is the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been with Harry Is On Ford?
No embarrassing moment yet, it is a new project.

Have you got a good reason to be in Behind Magazine?
We hope you’ll like our stuff. And thanks a lot for kind attention. Sincerly.