The next big thing! Melody Fall

What did you do in the last six months?
Hey guys, It’s Fabri here. We’ve been recording the new album “Virginal Notes” at Fusix Studio. We’ve been in Japan too at the beginning of march to promote it, playing in a cool Festival named Geki Rock Fest with Forever The Sickest Kids. It was Awesome. Now, with the new record we’re getting ready to bring something new to the scene.

What do you’ve in your wallet now?
Mmm… I got 20 Euro, Xbox Live cards, pics of mom and dad and a letter written in chinese, I don’t even remember what’s that about. Ying and yang stuff… That’s cool anyway.

How much important is the image (look) for your band? Why?
It’s been important years ago. I mean, when we started. The first two records we really were into Pop/punk scene, we liked the music, we were looking for that and we did it. It was ok, but we were like 17/18… Now we’re 23/24. We’ve been trough a lot of things, labels, tours, and now we’re looking at that in a different way. I mean, first, get on the stage, play music, use your hears not your eyes to judge, then, if you kick ass on stage, you can also wear a bikini, it doesn’t really matter at all.

Talk to me about the new album “Virginal Notes”. Are you fully satisfied?
Everything has changed. But we didn’d force anything… We’ve been doing Pop Punk since 2006. 3 Album and 2 EP. With this new record we decided to free our mind. Sometimes, in the past, we blocked some ideas, ans so our creativity, just because it didn’t sound PopPunk or it was too extreme for our standard. Standards kills music. This time, if we liked some we put it in and we recorded it, doesn’t matter what people would say about it. So we liked rapping, that’s in, we liked harder Instrumentals and guitar, that’s in. We wanted to make a record that the people hardly could put it in a specific genre, not only Poppunk, not only metal, not only rap, not only rock… It’s just new Melody Fall album.

Which is the highpoint of this album?
“Virginal Notes”. It’s like we wrote down some pure notes. We clear everything up from the past and we decided to make everything from zero, figuring the album out like it was just notes from a Virgin. You know the Aristotelic theory of “Tabula Rasa”. That’s the starting point… Put it in music. If you start from that, you’ll be free to create everything.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?
I think it doesn’t exist at all. We got happiness sometimes, than blue periods. We got to learn to be glad of happiness times and be fast forgetting bad ones. Music helps anyway.

Who are some of the bands you admire?
Maybe you expect me to say some big names, some famous band, but I would not be true saying that.
The bands I admire the most are the ones that work their ass out everyday, believing in the music they play. They maybe don’t have a label, so the got day jobs to pay for the recordings, the van and so on. They make tours without earning a buck but they do it just because they love music. It’s not easy at all to be a musician like that, and a lot of bands split up cause it’s really hard to hang on.

Talk to me about the friends in your album. Why have you add this persons in your songs?
Yeah. We got a lot of friends from the scene here, they got really cool bands in Italy and we’ve been friends since the beginning. I’d like to thank them all: Biax from Last Day Before Holiday, Alvin from NoTimeFor, Chris from Ready Set Fall, Frez from If I Die Today. Check these cool bands out. We decided to let them all sing in the song “Wash Your Soul With The Virgin”, and believe me, it’s amazing to have them singing all togheter. With Chris we made “I Wanna See You Wallow” the second track of the album. It sounds great with his screaming.

What song is in your head right now?
Get a bit more from Foreign Beggars. They’re great man.

The best and worst quality of your band?
Friendship. It’s been 7 years since we started the project. We’ve been trough everything, everywhere. Bad and good things, high and low periods for the band. But we never give up on each other and on the band… And I think that’s because we’re best friends anyway.

What’s the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been with Melody Fall?
Got stop by Russian Police while we were in our van, playing guitars and having some fun after a live show over there. But you know, it’s not allowed to play a private show for some girl over there without inviting some russian cops. They got in and drank some beer with us. What the hell?! Crazy!

What’s the most ridiculous rumour you’ve read about the band?
When we were dealing with Universal, doing an album with them, they said that we were too rock, to much noisy!!! And that was the most Poppy album we made in our career. They should be listening to this last one. They kill music, creativity and artists.

Do you’ve a good reason to be in Behind Magazine?
First of all, we would like to thank Behind Magazine for the interview. The new album coming out could be a good reason. The second reason is that we’ve been following Behind Magazine, so we’re proud to get this interview. Thanks guys.

Something to add?
We think that the new album is gonna be a big surprise for you guys, we really feel great about the change… And we hope you guys will like it. Keep it Rock!

Town: Turin
The new album “Virginal Notes” is out! Check the website