Tell me about the story of the band!
Of course, our band was born during the summer 2010. With the first line-up we released our first EP “Against the World”, and we started to develop a different musical genre. 2014 was the year of changes, we added a new member, Davide, as a new growl and screamo vocal, and during this summer we started to play and think about our music in a different perspective. At the beginning of 2015 we changed line up for the last time and we started to develop our personal music genre, after that we released our new EP “Air Gun”.

What did you do in the last six months?
The last six months the band tried to create his own personal genre, we are five guys with different musical influences. It was fun, ‘cause we mixed together pop-punk, crossover, hardcore, pop-rock and metalcore, our new EP “Air Gun” is exactly what we really are as a persons and as musicians, there’s no compromises in our music.

Why have you chosen this name for your band?
I remember that at the beginning, when i started this project, my previous band leave me and it was very difficult for me to accept that. But i love music, i love play music and listening music, it was my new reason.

How important is the look/appearance for your band?
I think that the look is an important aspect in a band, but for us its also important try to be what we really are.

Tell us about the new EP “Air Gun”. Are you fully satisfied with it?
Absolutely yes, in this new EP we create our personal genre all togheter and during the summer 2015 we researched our personal sound in every singol instrument. There was a search about the sound that allowed us to be ready during the studio session. What you hear in this new EP is what we play in our live show, and we love this aspect.

Which is the highest point of the EP?
The entire EP is our own highest point, its our personal story. For me in particular “Best things of our life” is the highest point, because for me its the perfect introduction about our new story.


How would you define your sound?
For me its a mix of pop-rock and hardcore old-school.

Metalcore. Describe for me this word! And what do you think, is a good compromise to describe your style?
I usually dont listening metalcore music, I prefer to think about New reason as a heavy pop-punk band.

Which bands have influenced your style?
Nirvana, Queen, Phil Collins, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Pantera, Four Year Strong, Periphery.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Playing on a tour, meet new people and share our music all over the World!


What song is in your head right now?
“Your own special way” by Genesis

And of your local music scene?
In our country its very difficult to share and promote our musical genre, in Italy we have very good band, but we have no opportunities.

What is the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been with New Reason?
During the last show in France this year we were robbed, fortunately our instruments were not stolen but they take our bags. Our drummer played only with his underwear.

Have you got a good reason to be in Behind Magazine?
Of course, this will be an excellent way to propose and share our new EP “Air Gun”!
We would like to thank the Behind Magazine staff, thank you guys fot this opportunity!

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