The next big thing! No Way Out From Madness

What did you do in the last six months?
The last six month we have spent our time to record our actually EP, and for the preparation of the live set (sometime sex).

What do you’ve in your wallet now?
Unfortunaly, as always, we have nothing! Hope to be a rockstar very soon cause here it’s hard to find a job ah ah!

How much important is the image (look) for your band? Why?
Often, 50% of a band, it’s the image. Today, the ordinary listener, want to see a consistency of what see, with what hear. As they say “the eyes, wants its part”.

Talk to me about the new EP. Are you fully satisfied?
We are very satisfied of this work. Satisfied of the production, of the sound, and for mean for us that.


Which is the highpoint of this EP?
Our target, it’s to let know to the people, what we can do. Most important thing, a presentation for the label, and give a taste of what No Way Out From Madness can do if there gave the opportunity to produce an album. This EP for us, it’s something of too important. We have spent all our time, money, passion, and this EP for us it’s something that have touch our hearts, and hope can do the same thing with all the people that want to listen us.

Who are some of the bands you admire?
Parkway Drive, A Day To Remember, Funeral For A Friends, Silverstein, August Burns Red, Ghost Inside…

Name 3 words that describe your band.
Innovative, passionate and powerful.

The best and worst quality of your band?
I think our best quality is the passion that we have for do all we do in this project. The worst quality maybe it’s that we aren’t all sexy boy for getting wet the girls!

What’s the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been with No Way Out From Madness?
Play with our guitarist completely drunked! It was too embarrassing but funny at the same time!

What’s the most ridiculous rumour you’ve read about the band?
I laugh just thinking about it, that we are a band with lot of money!

Do you’ve a good reason to be in Behind Magazine?
For sure! Cause it’s a very cool magazine and thanks for this interview cause have give us the possibility to have more listener!

Something to add?
Yes, just wanna say to all the people who read our interview…run to listen us, you will not regret!

The new EP “Story Of A Read Book, Broken Bottle And Smoked Cigarette” is out! Check the website: