The next big thing! Psychofagist

What did you do in the last six months?
We’ve been ’round Europe/Italy playing our crazy stuff and composing new songs for another release…

What do you’ve in your wallet now?
15euro, my kebap card, driving license, supermaket card and ID… Nothing more nothing less!


How much important is the image (look) for your band? Why?
0 (zero) we don’t care about how we look… We care about how we play and how we involve the audience in our shows… Fuck dress code it’s only for retards.

What’s your idea of perfect happyness?
Being on a 365 days tour with it’s pros and cons!

Why have you choice Antigama for your split album?
Because of their similarity with us and because they are a sort of “antimusic pals”… They do experiment a lot and we’ve enjoyed working with these crazy polish guys!

The perfect partner in crime for the next split album?
Good question… Never thought about it! Antigama where the best partner in this case… Who knows the next one?! There will be a next one?!

Who are some of the bands you admire?
We all do admire Death, Forbidden, Testament, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind and Fire, Motorhead and many more… These are just big names but we do love a lot of different stuff from jazz to technical death metal or from rock classics to hip hop and so on.
Every band that we listen, teaches us something…

3 words for describe your band?

What song is in your head right now?
Misery is the river of the world – tom waits (I had to explain why we’ve chosen that song in another interview and now it’s stuck in my head)!

What’s the most embarassing situation you’ve ever been with Psychofagist?
Always… We do embarrass people with our music, with our attitude and especially when we’re drunk! I become super man in that case… Super powers and super hangovers!

What’s the most ridiculous rumor you’ve read about the band?
That we are under Relapse Records… It will never happen eheheh

Do you’ve a good reason to be in Behind Magazine?
Extreme music for extreme people… Is that enough?!

Town: Milan/Novara
The new album “9 Psalms Of An Anti-Music To come” is out! Check the website: