The Next Big Thing, UNWISE

What did you do in the last six months?
Been waiting ‘round to be millionaires.

What have you got in your wallet now?
Not much unfortunately.

Why have you chosen this name for your band?
It was the first to come to mind. And it sounds good.

How important is the look/appearance for your band?
It’s the music that matters… We might as well be invisible.

Tell us about the new LP One. Are you fully satisfied with it?
For sure.

Which is the highest point of the LP?
It’s a concept album, so every song is there for a reason. We obviously love them all, so the listeners will decide for themselves. But still, we hope to do better in the future. Besides, different people have espressed different preferences, and all the better for it. Different people, different strokes…


…And the lowest point?
See above.

How would you define your sound?
It’s what comes out when the four of us get together and play. I don’t think there should be any special definition, as far as it rocks.we prefer not to stick any label on it.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Something to play, something to learn, somebody to love.

Tell me some of the bands you admire.
Too many… Rush, The who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Weather Report, Queensryche, you name it. But all those who played and play with their hearts is welcome with us.

What song is in your head right now?
Mmmmhh… Sounds like white noise…

Name 3 words that describe your band.
All for one.

Which are the best and the worst qualities of your band?
We’re very dedicated, but a little lazy.

Have you got a good reason to be in Behind Magazine?
Lots more than to appear in Playgirl magazine, I guess!

Have you got something to add?
Come see us live. If you like us, grab our CD, if not, have a couple of beers!

The new LP One by Unwise is out! Check