The Secret Spot

There’s a place.
There’s a place we love, between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.
At a first sight, nothing in it, everything for us. Just 1.800 mts high, and you find paradise, Dolomites streams kissing those Carnic, white untouched snow whenever ’till summer. One chairlift, a family taking care of it from a longtime, one gas oil ski lift, a refuge as shelter for the night, a couple of old skiers with their heart broken from so much beauty they can’t help spending their days there, dozens of kikers  scattered in backcountry.

Telling to the world the tale of an extraordinary land, our home, we’ve grown in number in the years, spending our weekends made of friends, snowboard, drinking by the fire.

Here the photobook.

Words: Davide Fioraso / Translation: Fra