The Soul of Schnalstal

Schnalstal Glacier is one of the few skiable glaciers in Europe. It is a sort of hermitage, still in the Italian territory but way more closer to the Austrian borders.

Many people know the place for the famous Ötzi discovering, the first tatooed man ever known, who has been found in 1991 on Similaun Glaciers just on the back of the Schalstal slopes.

There is also a dramatic story about the first failed project to push the valley economy by builing a ski resort, that led one of the financers to commit suicide.



But for me and thousand other dudes, Schalstal Glaciers represent an important page of the Italian snowboarding history.

Every year, at least a couple times, I rise the sneaky road that climb from Meran to the little Maso Corto resort, surrounded by Nature and trasuding  stories tied to the snowboard scene in Italy: there is no place like Schal that smells so much of snowboarding.



I remember the first pictures taken on the so-called jumps of the Senales Glacier back in the first nineties, that later became, under the guide of Peter Gauna, the infamous Big A snowpark: one of the most progressive snowboarder playground in Europe.

Here so many pros and not pros left a piece of their life and soul; all those little pieces, freezed togheter and melted up turned into the Schnalstal soul.

The soul of Schnal is made of all the laughs,the stories and the pain suffered up there, the first landed tricks, the first broken bones, the first boozes at Leo’s Pub or whaterver…



This last time I decided not to take action pictures to let you picture in your mind all the generations that ridden Schnalstal togheter in this beautiful hall of fame.