The Superenduro fever has infected even Brian Lopes!

After the experience of the Enduro des Nations for 2 consecutive years, now Brian Lopes has been infected by the desire of Superenduro and will partecipate at the race in Sauze d’Oulx for the 3rd edition of Supersauze.

He will leave Laguna Beach California to return to the mountains overlooking the balcony of the Alps where Brian had already been a couple of years ago during a trip to Europe.

Sunday dozens of bikers have already locked their bike to the chairlift Prariond-Sportinia to enjoy a preview of this beautiful resort locations and in the coming days will also open the new sections of the Supersauze track that are currently being finalized.

It’s also increasing the curiosity for the first special secret track in the history of the Superenduro, which will begin Saturday at 16:30 and will be revealed to competitors only a few minutes before the start!

It’s also confirmed the presence of the best italian Superenduro specialists and of the riders of the Handiriders Assos, that have become loyal participants and great fans of Sauze d’Oulx.