The two Gabrielle Viteri interview

Being involved in snowboarding for a long time, a couple years ago I suffered a kind of snowboard love seven year itch. I started hating all the people around snowboarding, all the trends capsizing snowboarding and basically my addiction was fading away. But then, like in the strong couples happens, it came that sort of maturation of the relationship and I started looking at snowboarding in a slightly different way. What’s that got to do with Gabe Viteri? Because I got to thank riders like her if my love for snowboarding came back stronger than before. It’s because I realized that there are still many positive characters in the high ranks of  snowboarding and not only one dimensional puppets that try to emulate each other. Gabi is a nice girl and a big balls rider, a young aware woman and lil’ crazy lady, and so I felt in need to catch her and get beneath the surface of this outshining girl.

Hi Gabi, where are you and what are you doin’ right now?
Hey! I am in Cardiff By The Sea in San Diego,CA hanging and enjoying the sun while I can. I am heading back home to Breckenridge in a week though, Heard it’s already snowing!

So you claim Italian origins, where does your family come from, exactly?
My Dad and his family live in Quito, Ecuador. Their ancestors are from Italy. My last name is Italian, but really I am a mutt, my moms side is German. So yes some Italian origin.

Never been in Italy for shredding, tourism, promotion or whatever?
I have been to Ecuador, not to snowboard but to see family and I did a interview for TV it was awesome because my Dad had to translate most of it for me. I would love to go to Italy!

The woman Ph. Dave Lehl

Before starting to write down the questions, I surfed around the web to check how many other itws you had around and try to dodge the “usual questions”..The fact that drove my attention on you was the way you shred, the power and control and style you have, so far from an average girl style.
But then keep on reading I discovered another face of your personality, because all of ’em described you as a sweet and aware girl despite your young age.
Are there two Gabi inside of you? One with the board strapped and another one without it?
Yeah, I think your the first to nail that. Definitely two different people inside me, a crazy side that is not so responsible and a little out there and a organized responsible yogi side also. I have a side that is rebellious but another side that really is caring and wants to do good. I am sure everyone has a little bit of two people in them… right?

I notice you have some ink on your skin. What does tattoes mean for you? Form of indelible art or does they have a deeper meaning?
Tattoos to me are just artwork on my body, and a little piece of each tattoo reminds me of a time in my life. Some tattoos I got when I was way younger I probably wouldn’t get today, and thats not a bad thing but it brings me back to that time of my life. Some are meaningful, like my pup that had passed, and others are just something I thought would be neat.


You wrote you love Hawaii but you’re obviously a mountain lady..If you had to choose Mountain or Beach for you retirement place, which would it be?
Haha I am going to have to say Beach, only because when I retire its going to be hard to enjoy anything in the mountains anymore, I think my body is gonna want to lay on the beach all day. I would definitely still have to visit some mountains.

I received the press release (and of course I published it) about the new venture of Hannah Teter involving you and surfer Monyca Byrne Titley, Sweet Cheeks.
I also Knew that you’ve been in Africa to check where the charity money truly went. How deep Africa touched you?
Oh awesome thanks for the support! Going to Africa changed my life, its something you witness and you’ll never think the same again. I have so much more appreciation for my life over here, and it’s really pushed me to want to help other people in third world countries, or even the people in our own country that are struggling. Seeing the families with no food and disieses on TV is one thing, seeing it in person and hearing their story makes its reality. I hope to do much much more for the future. One thing I can say about Africa is their smiles are like nothing I have seen over here in America.

Now some snowboard related questions: how would you define your riding style in a few words?

I read you move to Breckenridge area when yo were 12. Did your whole family made the move to let you and your sister ride more and  eventually pursue the snowboard career?
Yes my whole family moved. My sister was already kind of over snowboarding, even though she was better than me. I have the most supportive family ever, my mom would have done anything to see me pursue my goals and a move was apart of that, I couldn’t be more thankful.

The rider Ph. Ryan Taylor

I also read your older sister was your inspiration to give snowboard a try. But when did you understand (if it consciously happened) you could do it for a living?
I looked up to my sister so much, so when she was stoked on something, I wanted to know what it was. I think I still haven’t realized consciously that I am doing this for a living! Haha no but I had a few jobs before I was able to support myself from my snowboarding checks, I think I was able to quit my job and just focus on snowboarding when I was 16. It was really good for me to have a job before, it showed me how hard it is to earn a dollar, so I think I appreciate it more now.

Who are your team companions which whom you travel and shred the most?  You ride more with female or male riders? This last stupid question is only to understand better if your wicked style come from a strong male influence or if it is your own thing…
I travel with a lot of different people, and I love that, restricting myself to one group I think would be limiting. This last season I traveled a lot with the Peepshow girls (Bryn Valaika, Desiree Melancon, June Bhonjan, Esthera Prada), and inbetween did some shoots with Burton. It is nice to mix it up with girls that compete (Kelly Clark, Hannah teter, Cilka Sadar, Rana) it’s a whole different feel.

Is your Niece growing up like you as a rider?
Actually completely oppisite, they moved to Maui and both my nieces are really into the surfing. I am convinced the younger one Jayla will some day snowboard, she reminds me a lot of myself. I would love them just as much if they decided to rollerblade.

If you had to choose a trick you like the most to do, which will it be? I saw you doin’ many handplants…
It totally depends on what I am riding. I don’t really have a favorite trick. I guess backside 180s are always fun, put a Japan grab in there and its a blast. And Handplants are always a good time too.

What do you enjoy to do when not shredding and travelling?
Relaxing relaxing relaxing, my body needs that down time. Going to the beach, doing school work and yoga/gym time is my what I do when I am not snowboarding. I love the two different worlds.


Describe me an average day at home during the winter, in Breckenridge..
I always take my dog for a little walk in the morning, make some Yerba Matte and a good smoothie and go snowboarding. Then I usually come home, veg for a little and spin at the gym if I am really motivated. Then put on a good movie and make some dinner, maybe bake a little too. This doesn’t happen very often but those are the days I like. Being home usually means packing, going through mail and doing adult stuff.

Do you already have some ideas about what to do when your riding career will be finished? Would you stay close to snowboarding or would you do something totally different?
I have been thinking about this a bit lately. I honestly have no idea what I am going to do, I started school and am on my way to getting my Business degree. I have always had a passion for baking and good food, maybe something will tie in with that. I can’t really see myself staying in snowboarding, but who knows theres so many oppertunities.

Ok Gabi, thank you for your time, hope you had a great winter. Any last shouts?
Thank you for the awesome interview… hope you have a great winter too, its gonna be heavy, I know it!

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