The tyre.

It’s the link between our entusiastic idea of piloting and the environment where we ride. The tyre is the real contact point, as much as a stylus generates music, as much as the pen of writer makes the ideas come words on a paper sheet.

It’s a prestigious role. It makes our path come track on the sole, giving us the feeling of being invincible for a second. And its duty gets even harder if we talk about pedaled freeride: it must become flowing to the summit, it has to be strong enough to tough any abuse out, and last but most important, it must satisfy our fun while downhilling, no compromises allowed.


Between the rider and its tyre a relationship of mutual respect and close trust rises. In our never-ending search for the best solution we had the chance to test some Geax Dhea 2.3 TNT. We mounted it on tubeless rims with latex fluid PITSTOP TNT. The tyre clearly inspired to gravity perfectly performed even in the minor pedaled disciplines.


Threatening wedges and reinforced sides find their cup of tea while downhilling, mostly on bends where the holding changes into carving. Setting curves like riding on a DH line gets embarrassing. The Dhea made us go beyond our limits granting us control and safety. The brakes reaction is excellent, amazing. And what’s more disarming is the fluency the tyre keeps by the inclined shape of its central wedges.



We pedaled our bike to picks from 0 to 1.500 upgrade mts. Well, for us the tyres-discussion is finally closed, we eventually found our peace. On our bike the Dhea conquered their steady place of honour, on yours we kindly suggest you to test them.

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