The unfinished crossing – The film

Before “The Revenge of the Alps” by the end of June 2015, there was the first round in mid-July 2014, that of the pioneers, that of Thierry Saint-Léger, already, and Simon Kirscher, a magnificent fixed duo, tightrope walkers, engaged on the wire of the Grandes Alpes …


The Photographer and Director Julien Boulanger (BEREFLEX) today offers us a wonderful back to the future with his film “The unfinished crossing”. A series of powerful images on which he has laid delicatly, by successive touches, the voice, the story of Simon Kirscher.


A back to the future? And rightly, after the revenge always comes “La Belle”, the third and final round, for turn the page, to reach the end and finish with way his” biggest accomplishment and ” his “biggest defeat”.


To see the film: