Thirty two Euro team report

Here is the latest news about what happened to the ThirtyTwo & Etnies Snow Team Europe during the last few weeks.

Mid November the Pleasure Jam at the Dachstein glacier in Austria took place. ThirtyTwo team riders Luca Hitz (Switzerland), Mario Käppeli (Switzerland) and  Matevz Pristavec (Slovenia) were there and got into contest-mode. Unfortunately Luca’s shoulder snapped out of the joint for a second, so he was forced to stop after his first qualification run. Mario and Matevz both did pretty well and ended top 20. Still all of the riders had fun at the 2009 Pleasure Jam and will be back 2010 for sure.

Back home in Switzerland, Luca Hitz signed the deal with his new board sponsor Stepchild. This seems to be the perfect match for the young ThirtyTwo and Etnies rider. Unfortunately only one week after making the deal, Luca dislocated his shoulder again. This time it didn’t snap back at all. Diagnosis: shoulder surgery! Unlucky, Luca has to wait with this surgery until he has written his exams at university. But don’t worry Luca, you’ll be back on board soon! Until then you are welcome to wish him well by checking his blog:

Still, there is also good news from the Swiss front! Tina Ramholt is back from her trip to India, where she trained her yoga skills. Check out her insane coverage in Swiss magazine “The Box”.  Tina is for sure killing it and will compete at most European and International slope style contests this year. Watch out for her!
At the Big Air Worldcup in Seoul, Markku Koski got third and also Matevz Pristavec did pretty well! Matevz is currently sitting on number five at the world ranking and is definitely in the position to move up!

Danny Larsen
is currently hanging in Sweden to start filming for the new Pirate’s project. For those who didn’t know, Danny is also a talented artist and spends lots of time doing drawings. Check out what Danny is up to on: