Titus Stuttgart, Blindbooking Tour 2014

This past summer, the Titus Stuttgart shop-riders left their fate totally up to chance for once.

Instead of booking their skate-trip in a regular travel agency or in one of those online travel-portals, like they would usually do, they put their money on blind booking – which means that you pay first and then learn the actual destination of your journey.

That’s quite a leap of faith, but in the case of Andi Welther, Alex Schultz, Robin Wulf, Dennis Winter, Fabi Gehring, Thomas Janka, and Dominik Pflüger, it couldn’t have gone better. Lady Luck was on their side and said: Milan!

Not a great location if you want to hit the beach and go swimming in the ocean, but for skateboarding, Milan is a perfect spot. The guys visited well-known spots as well as unknown ones in order to skate – and, of course, film.

With this selection of talented riders, you can count on a pretty awesome end-result, and Phillip Reinhard’s filming and editing is the icing on an already pretty sweet cake.