Today was a good day

Edo is a smart guy. His love for mountainbiking is indisputable, as much as his effort to reach his targets. He seems he’s always a good time if he feels pedals under his feet, no matter if  it’s to run fast, to jump or to dare hard down the mountains. Spare time is fixed to ride.


Some weeks ago, before shooting with Lance at a secret spot, the weather decided to change its programs turning into stormy, and so did Edo, switching his freeride workhorse with his dirt bike, heading to the Magical “LE GOBBE” park, a quite unique skatepark  with striped concrete waves, not very comfy for a skate, but way more nice to ride 24″.


And what’s better than getting always more creative tricks with bold headphones in the ears?  Fun factor and good music worked, making a done freeride day into a perfect session. It’s simple. Ice Cube used to say “Today was a good day”, in 1992.