Tor des Géants 2012 – sept. 14

Shelter Champillon:
Last shelter, last climb. Com’on, you almost made it, a 30 minutes climb and then down to the valley, to Saint Rhémy, to the new finish lane.

I’ll leave home in a few, just the time to finish my coffee and upload the next-to-last photos. See you later for our goodbye.

It is neither a shelter nor a bivouac, nor a place where the Tor gets through. The Base is where they listen to the Tor, they manage it, care it, help it, calculate it, think it and, unluckily, make it shorter.

This is the communication spread last night at 02.02 a.m.: “After a careful technical inspection, beacuse of ice formed around Col Malatra’, tonight the Tor organizers decided to anticipate the official race finish lane to Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses, that’s to say at km.303.” It happens, on a 330 kms. long race in the mountains lasting for a week.

It happens, when we talk about people, not heroes. We work on monday, the body has limits and, sometimes, the most wonderful victory means giving up. At the Base they know very well what giving up means, a week spent here with walkie-talkies, a laptop, numbers and calculations is just for an elite. Besides the work made in a year. Good job, boys!


More pictures here.