Tor des Géants 2012 – sept. 15

The Arrival:
“Reality covers 5% of our lives. A man must dream to get saved.” (W. B.)

The Tor des Geants is real, no doubt about it, but how many “realities” carrying THE DREAM on lap do you know? The dream…for the most of the athletes means walking all the 330 kms. So, if Walter tells the truth, these people got closer to saviour because their dream lasted 3, 4, 5, 6 days.

This year who dreamed longer Francis De Stefani, 66 years-old. He dreamed for 144 hours, 29 minutes and 43 seconds. Seeing him on the finish lane was exciting. I took a picture of him just before the start and now here he is, tired, aching but celebrated by everybody, as they even knew he’s the luckiest. Blessed dreams.

It’s been an intense week, rich, unpredictable, happy. These 6 days gave me so much, from the human point of view first, from the phographic pont of view as a consequence.

The athletes, the volunteers, the audience, the shelters, the Life-Bases, the daybreaks, the sunsets, new places and the astonishment facing such a wonder, the warm autumnal late-afternoon lights, the tiredness, the front-lights from far away climbing the hill like fireflies , getting cold, smiling. And the tears. The cold. The bullshits with friends and with the athletes, friends athletes.

The beers drunk at the life-bases and the inevitable pasta, the kms. droven by car, the company of good friends, the so appreciated posts, the commented photos and the messages received. THANK YOU.

More pictures here.