Tour de Corse

Col de Vergio, mts. 1457 o.s.l. Roger’s wearing a light short-sleeved shirt worthy the best english lord. His feet catch my attention, sheathed in leather sandals and cotton grey socks, tirelessly pattering here and there.

He’s clearly happy to meet us and to have a chat with us.
“Don’t you believe that it’s come the time to buy a new bike?” Paolo asks him looking at the numberless reparations Roger self-made on his bike, visibly amused. Iron wire, straps, and adhesive tape glue up a bike oozing thousands of adventures.
“I can’t it!! I’m too friend of her. I’ve travelled all around Europe since 1977…!!! She is my best friend.” – Roger answers back.


Whirling thoughts blow in my head  like wind. From some days I’m tasting the pleasure of being a pedal-traveller. Everything goes slower. The rhythm of my bike imposes to my senses  a more careful and precious sense of observation. My way of pedaling is  now fusing with  the sunshine, with the birds flying, with the waves breaking. No schedule, the sunshine tells me what the time is. Days go by on saddle to abate the ravenous search for new horizons.
It’s our first experience. 6 days in Corse, 6 days cycling. Maybe someday we will become pedal-travellers, just like Roger.