Townhill 2008 – Bergamo

Finally home! We got there in the evening, just in time for dinner with friends who were there from the morning, trying the trail and training for the qualifications the day after. Then a quick visit to the hottest parcour’s points, then beer and beer and beer until late night, light sleep in the car trunk, and then ….party! A new day was on, full of emotions, of nice and friendly people, of crashes everywhere, of wheels folded like books, and riders jumping from 2 mt drops ending up in rocky steps crying “ geronimooo!!” while landing … “and those of them who chose alternative paths are chickens!” ‘cause this is a race for brave! On Saturday the audience witnessed at least 10 riders to the hospital … some of them won’t touch a bike for long, but just some.
On Sunday there were more Red Cross volunteers than audience. The riders left 2 by 2, they begun in about 150. But just one won, Livio Zampieri, with his brother Dario just behind him. A special mention goes to Asa Ramstrom, the only svedish woman racing the Townhill … the woman that every non-competitive rider would want by his side!.
And while the Townhill was coming to an end, sparks from the slopestyle warm up. Since the beginning ( where even the non-subscribing townhill riders could practice ) everybody gave his best, 18 riders from the Qasqhai Contest of the day before came to demo, but then they parteciped too (and won ) … and we seriously believe they enjoyed much much much more the day than in Milan! The drops, quarters , wallrides and jumps had their reason why, and all the riders were pushed forward and forward to give always more. Lots of people coming from all over to stir them up, a whole day assisting to crazy backflips, x-ups, 360, front flips, supermans, and all what you can imagine.
Sam Pilgrim first, al the others behind ( but distinguishing and with our most complete respect ), while Mitch Chubay won the best trick session. Personally, I can just say that after spending 2 days like these, I got so tired and sick on Monday that risked to vomit 3 times at least, I suppose that all the riders involved went running the morning after. But we would do it again and again, ‘cause we spent a wonderful day with them.