Trans-Siberian: Helsinki – Beijing rail trip documentary

Could it be the dawn of a new era about the way to approach at snowboarding? Surely Coldfocus is doin’ a giant step with their new project called Trans-Siberian: Helsinki-Beijing, Rail trip documentary.
Call it a non-snowboard documentary, a cultural shred trip or better again a Culturail trip, Trans-Siberian is a candy box full of crossing cultures, riding and travelling.

Here’s the numbers chart:

1 Train
10.000 Kilometres
3 Weeks
3 Countries
3 Snowboarders
1 Photographer
-25 degrees of season mean temperature

And here’s what it’s all about:

At the end of February, a crew of italian-finnish friends will leave for the biggest of the adventure TRANS-SIBERIAN “Helsinki-Beijing – Rail trip documentary”
Not a snowboard movie this time, but a real documentary which will tell the story of 3 snowboarders: Antti-Juhani “Naku” Piirainen, Tomi Passi e Stefano Benchimol and one photographer Andrea Schilirò, traveling the most romantic railway of the world, with the goal of discovering new spots to shred that nobody has ever filmed before.

The official media partner is Behind Magazine, that’s hosting the Trans-Siberian own blog. All the updates will be simultaneously posted on the blog and on behind magazine.