Transitmies – Coldfocus productions: another brick in the wall

Matteo Maggi and his crew spent another cold and snowy winter on the road to put togheter another Coldfocus Classic. To be honest, this video and his history are quite different compared to the previous films. The first reason is the travel factor: Transitmies in not a journey in the Helsinki suburbs like the previous Ruggine and Cold City used to, but enclose slices of Siberia and all the places on the Transiberian route:  this single thing put many fresh things in the mix.

All this traveling however didn’t changed Coldfocus habits, so you’ll see only quality urban action in this 30 minutes flick, no park, no backcountry. This is the way Matteo works: love him or hate him, there’s no middle tones.
Also the filming changed a bit, always maintaining that Indie vibe that characterize Maggi productions; we can say that there’s more action and a bit less artsy fancies.The crew knew some upgrades, like the precious introduction of Luca Bergamaschi and Stefano Benchimol from Italy and Finnish Tapani Viitala, Ali Toppinen and Pyry Lepisto.


The video is a blast as always, with a major quality photography and editing, really original soundtrack and solid tricks from the whole crew; don’t expect Helgason rail twistin’, because Transitmies don’t want to be the last trick billboard, but another amazing snowboarding life documentary with a group of talented friends who travel in search of the unseen spot, the good trick and mainly the fun: it’s surely the closest snowboard video to skateboarding style and riding.

It’s just for that we love so much coldfocus and never will stop pushin’ their shit, ‘cause they do their thing.

In the video that came with the january issue of On Board Magazine (the Italian one) you’ll find also Siberia Teaches teaser, the documentary about Matteo, photographer Andrea Schillirò and riders Stefano Benchimol and Tomi Passi across the transiberian route from Helsinki to Bejiing.