Trip Roulette – EP 0.4

No bindings, no service, no problem!

After the first episodes in Corsica , Greece , and Pakistan, this time Victor & friends went on an epic local powder surf adventure with Aurélien Giraud, pro-skateboarder super star, in a chalet lost in the middle of nowhere.

Best friends, in dreamy snow conditions, a massive powder surf quiver in hand and enough food to sustain a war, they’ll get back to riding in its purest form : with – literally- no strings attached.

Few days of intense powder, crazy ideas, ‘gourmet’ cuisine and fun shared with friends, to get you excited for winter ahead !

Let the adventure begin !

Trip Roulette is a web-serie that mixes snowboard, adventure and ecology (trying to be not too boring)
The goal: Travel differently and be as eco-friendly as possible for snowboarding and share good moments and funny memories with the audience.
The concept: To sum up (and because I’m explaining it all in the video), I’ll take with me a mystery guest on a trip to an unknown destination that we’ll reach with an ecological transport. So basically it could be a mule, snowshoeing, on foot, a camel, a van, or a sailboat. As the TV host i will turn 3 wheels that will determine the guest, the destination and the way of transportation


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@Jerome Tanon