TSG and Masters of Dirt

TSG and Masters of Dirt (MOD) cooperate and release a helmet in a special MOD design.

Masters of Dirt is the world’s wildest freestyle motocross, BMX and mountain bike show. The riders go extreme to create a spectacular show for the audience. In 2013 the show already set a world record. 18 motocross riders, 2 snow mobiles and 21 bicycles performed the biggest ever mass backflip: in total 41 backflips!

The BMX and mountain bike riders can easily keep up with their motorized colleagues. They jump over FMX ramps and doubles over a distance of up to 12 meters, sometimes even side by side.

„The riders‘ safety during the show is paramount. A collaboration with TSG was an obvious decision. With its low profile and its anti-slip fit the Evolution Helmet is exactly the type of helmet our athletes have asked for,“ MOD creator and mastermind Georg Fechter explains.

„Masters of Dirt is wild while TSG builds protection gear for riders that push their limits. It is the perfect match!“, Ruedi Herger, CEO of TSG, comments.

From now on, the wild guys will send it wearing TSG. For all freestyle fans the MOD x TSG Helmet will be available at selected retailers.


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