Tunnel Jamming

Without a doubt one of the sickest BMX events to ever go down, the Nike 6.0 Tunnel Jam in England brought together 40 of the biggest and baddest riders in the world to do work. The guys were split into 10 different teams and then set loose to find the dopest, flowing line through the tunnel.


Peep the video to see the ridiculous destruction they wrought on the park, and check out the 6.0 team that took top honors, which included the recently crowned Dew Cup champ, Garrett Reynolds, along with Dennis Enarson, Maxime Charveron and Bjorn Mager.


And keep an eye out for Jason Phelan’s Best Trick-winning throw down, Dan Lacey’s Best Line and Sebastian Keep walking away with the title of Best Rider.

Photos courtesy of Nike 6.0