UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Leogang

Only three weeks are left until the UCI Mountain Bike Downhill & Fourcross World Cup Leogang. The 4X course is finished and first pictures were taken from a helicopter to give a perfect foretaste. The official DH and 4X overview maps list the most relevant features of the tracks. The UCI representative Chris Ball reveals some details of the downhill course. The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Leogang website went live and features the most important background information: www.mtb-worldcup.at .

The UCI Downhill World Cup course is 2600 meters long, has an altitude difference of 524 meters and promises a top speed of about 80 km/h (50 mph). Chris Ball, UCI Technical Delegate, visited Leogang recently and gives a brief overview of the set up: “The course in Leogang is one of the longer courses on the World Cup circuit, taking riders over 4.30 minutes to complete. Leogang is a welcome inclusion into the series as it is both physical and technically challenging. From the start, the course covers some natural, fast singletracks before the gradient flattens and riders have to rely on their strength to keep up their speed. The final plunge into the finish includes some steep drops and very technical sections that will test athletes before they shoot out of the trees towards the finish line.”

On the brand new website, www.mtb-worldcup.at , you can find all the most relevant information about the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Leogang hosted in the SalzburgerLand countryside: the detailed race schedule, side events, a location overview, accommodation facilities and tickets.