UCI World Championships, gold for Sam Hill

The australian devil’s back for good, with rain beside him and a little bit of luck he left nothing tasty for nobody.
Praiseworthy are the two standard bearers riders placed 21th and 26th, Lorenzo Sueding and Marco Milivinti, whose performances have set their italian fans on fire all the season long.

UCI Press Release:
She had never won a world title; this season she hadn’t even managed a victory in a World Cup race. And still, Tracy Moseley, who for years has been part of the select circle of the best downhill specialists, knew that anything was still possible. For her, the gold medal in Mont-Sainte-Anne was a well merited crowning achievement in a career that would not have been quite complete without this latest exploit.

On the track in Quebec, which was extremely slippery after the morning rain, the British rider opened up some very significant gaps over the two French competitors Sabrina Jonnier, newly-crowned World Cup winner, and Emmeline Ragot, 2009 World Champion in Canberra. The two French riders joined her on the podium, having finished respectively 8 and 11 seconds behind.

Sam Hill, 2007 World Champion in Fort William, has also experienced some very difficult moments: returning to competition after injury just one week ago in Windham, the Australian achieved an excellent performance before benefiting from a change in the condition of the track for the main favourites, notably Gee Atherton and Steve Peat, who had to race to the finish in the rain. The second and third places went to Steve Smith (CAN) and Greg Minnaar (RSA).

As well as Sam Hill’s medal, Australia celebrated another gold medal in the Juniors category with Troy Bronsnan, who beat the American Neko Mulally by 6 hundredths of a second; in third position the British Lewis Buchanan finished nearly 10 seconds behind the winner. In the Juniors women category, Canada obtained its only victory in these World Championships with Lauren Rosser, who finished in front of the French riders Fanny Lombard and Julie Berteaux.

The last titles in this magnificent week of cycling – which confirmed the quality of the organisation in Mont-Sainte-Anne, a renowned mountain bike sanctuary – were awarded in the Trials. In the Juniors, the Spanish rider Ion Areitio Agirre triumphed both in the 20” and the 26” competitions. The Belgian Kenny Belaey took the honours in the Elite competition in front of Benito Ros Charral (ESP) and Marc Caisso (FRA).

Spain took the teams title in front of France (second) and Germany (third).

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