Undae Nostrae, and the beat goes on

Another waveless day, so longing for real walls instead of a camper’s lead us to Lorenzo’s in Burregu. After what happened yesterday the crew really needs a home. On the east coast around the Villasimius area, looking for waves seemingly generously forecasted in Costa Rei, turning into a small road to the spot … bam!

They’ve been violently bumped by a probably insane driver on a car probably leaving for the deep space. Luckily, the Nissan Navara saved their ass, the caravan was lightly damaged, nobody got hurt, the insane car begun burning, and all around there was a strange smell of shit in the pants, until firemen, police, ambulance and any possible existing force law came to help them.

This time Lorenzo and Thomas ( for the second time ) were the sacrificed victims ( and their Navara, of course ), back from the hospital with a so fashionable neckband.
Despite the first tough days, the mood keeps flying high, the crew is looking forward to the waves from south-east / east they should find today, moving south.

The show must go on, don’t try this at home.

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