Undae Nostrae, back from Sardinia

Back from Sardinia. And starting editing the video in a few days. The show must go on, and it’s going to rock.

The session from Bugerru to Lorenzo’s to Oristano was powered either by falling south-west or by a strong northwest wind, the sea was shaking and powerful, the hard job gave the team kilometers of film, and an unstoppable smile remained stamped on their faces while coming back home.

1 Killed this time, Thomas once again by grinding in skate, but he’s used to hurt and strong enough to be back on board soon, if his shoulder will resist to the hospital check.

Not able to surf?! What better chance than turning into the guest cameraman for filming the stylish Pito and Lorenzo? He’s so multitasking!
Soon the last stop in Tuscany to Davidino’s and Ponzanelli’s. It’s not over yet.

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