Undae Nostrae, back to the base.

Back to the base. Everybody ‘s back to the lair, Matteo and Luca in Milan starting making the movie ( be ready for the first trailer in a month! ), Lorenzo far from his fairy island in Tuscany with his family for a while ready in case of ( hopefully ) storms, Thomas and Pito bent on their naval engineering manuals waiting for the exams wave, Ponzanelli back to his shaping room, Davidino in Punta Ala working hard for the whole summer season, everybody focused on our project and ready to go, no doubt about that.

The cameras are steady on their tripods eager to film the first storm previewed in a few, after the end of the Sardinian project phase, full of waves although no epic storm was challenged.

The first part of beautiful, memorable and difficult moments is over, waiting for the next big waves, eyes pointed on our endless sea. Keep swimming.

Read here the project manifesto.