Undae Nostrae, South West storm

Varazze, Liguria. The team was there, with the south west storm. Terrific. Perfect conditions at the dawn, steady raining, dream waves of 2 meters with falling wind, all of them soaking wet.

Thomas, Pito, the local riders, Ponzanelli represented the family, besides the most important member of the Varazze scene as well as founder of the legendary Varazze Surf Shop Filippo Piacentini and his so stylish cammeos.

The filming goes on great, working hard to the first edit and waiting for the material in super 8 to give more and more emotions.
The forecast quickly changes, the alarm level remains high. Planning to be back in Sardegna with Pito, Thomas and Lorenzo for some days, we won’t miss Punta Ala to Davidino and Versilia to Ponzanelli.

So much to do yet.

Read here the project manifesto.