Undae Nostrae: step 1, and many more to come.

Lorenzo Castagna and his Sulcis – Sardinia – welcome the crew with low waves, but they don’t mind and with their office dressing on organize the next moves on their caravan facing the sea.

With Pito injured by heroically hurting his ankle … getting out the caravan (no way!), Thomas surviving a board on his head while trying a trick, Davidino getting back to Tuscany for beginning his seasonal job … the trip’s goin’ on great!

Seriously, the team had no time to take a single breath after reaching Sardinia 4 days ago, with good weather conditions, great waves, awesome places, bunchs of footage.

Following the swell between the southern and west coasts with the caravan, the crew excited and in very good spirits, facing some tiny accidents, waiting for Pito to come back safe and sound in a few days, looking forward to reaching Davidino in May, things cannot go better!
And it’s just the beginning.

Read here the project manifesto.