Union Binding for Pabst Blue Ribbon Limited Edition

Union binding company teams up with iconic American beer laber Pabst Blue Ribbon, for a super limited edition run of co-branded bindings that will quench your thirst for ripping up the slopes this winter.

Based on the contact chassis, the PBR binding features the all-new Team highback, 3D multilayer tapered straps, and a lifetime baseplate warranty.

When you’re this good, quality always come through! – PBR me ASAP!

Union Pro Team 2011.12 : Danny Kass, Gigi Ruf, Dustin Craven, Joe Sexton, TJ Schneider, Dan Brisse, Scott Stevens, Jess Kimura.

Union Italian Team 20101.12 : Tania De Tomas, Lorenzo Barbieri, Aie Benussi, Stefano “Benki” Benchimol, Lorenzo Buzzoni, Dawid “Il Morbido” Gurbowicz ed il rookie Nicholas Bridgman.


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