Urban Freestyle afterwords

text by Laura Fusco – pics by Taz, Stefano Sgancio Scivoletto and Laura Fusco

Stefano Bergamaschi is the winner of the Urban Free Style first edition, promoted by Skullcandy and Rome SDS. As a great champion he stood on the highest step of the podium and brought home the best trick prize with an amazing fsrevertswbs3out on the rail structure, for a total amount of 2800Euros!!! Behind Stefano two big names of the Italian snowboard scene, Tato Chiala (close in second position) and Simon Gruber (third). Both of them, in spite of a lot of experience and undisputed qualities, could not make it against the 20 years old guy from Milan, by all nicknamed the ‘surgeon’ of the day.



The innovative setup and the choice to perform the contest along a line was a great hit and impact on the public  that, duly excited by Gigi Gas, didn’t hesitate to acclaim the finalist competing riders  with clamorous uproar, loudly’ clapping hands on the banisters.

Great satisfaction got the mayor of Marino Adriano Palozzi together with the whole staff who has contributed to the success of the event bound to leave a mark among the street Italian contest for the particular atmosphere of harmony and fun that involved all, riders included.



Many  excellent athletes stood out , as the two promising young riders Michele Lobrano (18) and Daniel Moscardini (14), who not only showed a lot of technical talent, but also were able to perform entertainment, exiting the public. To highlight also the performance of Sebastian Bazzichi (fourth) who, although had cancelled his announced participation in the event being few days earlier unfortunately injured in Senales, showed off anyway Sunday morning more competitive and aggressive than ever, and nearly stole the third place to Simon Gruber with a spectacular bs270in270out.



Warm thanks are due to all riders who have accepted the invitation participating with enthusiasm to the event:  especially to Cristian (Doors), Andrea Bertollini (Wood Morning), Federico Bellini (Entry), Stefano Scivoletto,  Dj Fede and Rockinthemiddle, but  most o f all many thanks goes to the town of Marino, that demonstrate to be ready to welcome this contest in a day of sport and spectacle, setting the basis for a second edition of the happening, the next Urban Free Style 2010.