Va-t-en a Vetan!

There’s a place where you can be alone, on top of the heights. Not on Mars, on earth.

There’s a place in this world where people can be your friends after five minutes. Where, after five minutes, you know them as good as from a lifetime.
There’s a place in the world where cows look for their shepherds to have a hug and cuddles.
There’s a place where apples taste better than anywhere else. A place where you can’t help getting addicted to polenta and fontina.
Where cold blows strongly, but you don’t sense it. Where eagles fly high on your head. Where clen air heals souls and minds.
There’s a place where a night with friends, good wine and a deejay in an empty room is a great event. And it really is! A place where wine makes you forget who you are, and lets you feel closer to your saints. Where you can wake up safely the day after in your room, escorted by fool angels drunker than you.
There’s a place where freeride is freeride, where lines down 2.000 mts. mountains high are tracked by bike wheels.
And nothing else.
A place in the world where you can be dazzled by sunset on the glacier, while you ride free with the best italian riders…letting you go first.
There’s a place in the world, that you, human race, cannot even figure out.