Vans announces the 2010 Italian snowboard team

Vans Italy is proud to announce its Italian team for 2010; Vans loves his longtime riders so you’ll continue to see Vans boots on Martino Orso, Matteo Pastega, Oliver Mondino, Erik Dantone and Giovanna Serblin feet: Matteo enojy envery single flake of snow, Erik coaches a youngster squad and Giovanna keeps freestyle classes. Oliver, when is not destroyin’ every single rails he sees, launches off kickers and cornices with his snowmobile and Martino enjoy skating bowls and whatever with the the wheeled deck.

Stefano Munari, after winning the Moto Rail Contest at Foppolo resort, headed to Davos for the O’Neill Evolution 2010: don’t forget to check his video part on Snowbox video 2009 and do not miss the Full Munny Party at Bardonecchia on feb. 13, 2010.
Matteo Zappaterra become finally a Livigno son, hittin’ the Mottolino park and spittin’ his time between contests and shootings.

But we got also some fresh blood! Four are the new names on the team: Stefano Bergamaschi, Matteo “Whatza” Borgardt, Matteo Meneghetti and the young finnish lady  Heini Tikkala.

Stefano literally smashed the Urban Freestyle contest, then will join Coldofocus crew to film with them for their upcomin’ project…top secret stuff! Matteo “Whatza” Bogart, half US blooded, will claim his Bardonecchia fidelity for another season and is back stronger than ever after his “rest time” after brawling with a street rail on the early days of the season.
Matteo Meneghetti is still the San Pellegrino master, grooming his gorgeous park in the very middle of the alps.
Heini is a young lady from Finland transplanted in Livigno and pushing female level to another limit: remember her name, ’cause you’ll hear more  about her really soon.

Next Vans event on Italian land are:

Snowboard Shop Riot – jan 30,31 – Foppolo
Shred With Us
– from febr 7 through mar 21 all around Italy
Banked Slalom
– feb 20,21 –  Bardonecchia

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