Vans Kill The Line takes a break

Since 2009 the little town of Peynier in the beautiful South of France has annually witnessed a world class BMX event: VANS Kill the Line.
After six years, the BMX the trails competition in the pinewoods with the incomparable relaxed atmosphere has gained the reputation of being absolutely unique.


The list of international top riders that made their way to the legendary Peynier trails speaks for itself: Brian Foster, Ryan Nyquist, Chris Doyle, Cory Nastazio, Corey Bohan, TJ Ellis, Mark Mulville, Mike Hucker Clark, Dane Searls, Mike Saavedra, Ryan Guettler, Ben Wallace, Alejandro Caro, Maxime Charveron, or Markus Hampl – just to mention a few.


Undoubtedly the 2014 edition of VANS Kill the Line was the craziest and most successful of all so far. It set new and high standards for the Peynier BMX Crew as the organizers of the event.


To make sure that the 7th edition will be as successful, Alex Dropsy, Berenger Cordier, Bibi, Nicolas Bertier and Cedric Carrez decided to take a creative break in 2015, let the many volunteers rest and to take the time to reshape the line completely for another unforgettable VANS Kill the Line in 2016. In the meantime a big thanks goes out to all riders, partners and hands that wrote history together.


See you all next year in Peynier!

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