Vans Rebel Jam 2011

someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action,
someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct,
someone who takes part in a rebellion; renounce a former allegiance

Welcome to the 2011 edition of the VANS rebeljam! Three times in Berlin, last year in Portimao and now back to Central Europe – right in the heart of the Netherlands, to Eindhoven.

As most of you know we like the idea of a healthy bmx scene, the community and to support it with all possible aspects.
In Central Europe we have to deal with a lot of crappy weather – especially during winter. When we heard there was a chance to create a bike-only indoor park, it had to be the mission for 2011.


In southern Holland the local bmx scene already had a foot inside a potential building but the last bit of power or energy was missing to make it legit and official with all permits long term. We joined forces with the Dutch Bmx community and together pushed for a spot that can stay after the event.

Now we´re very happy to announce that VANS rebeljam will celebrate a brand new bmx park that will stay and be available for riders every day.

This year we will also focus on three discliplines with park, an independent street setup and for the first time at a VANS rebeljam, flatland will also be held. All three contests under the rebeljam judging format in finals – looking for Hard Trick, Style and Creativity awards.

What can we say – it´s Holland!! Better be there

stay tuned under or​rebeljam and follow at​vansrebeljam.