Veeka cycling gloves

The reason most products become obsolete, even the good ones, is that in this bigger, better faster world we live in things simply can’t keep up.

So imagine if instead of committing “classic design” to a museum or display cabinet… you choose to mate it with the benefits of modern technology.


That’s what has been done with Veeka and it’s cycling gloves, Vintage Feel but in a modern form.

Veeka took everything that made the gloves synonymous with cyclings rich history and mated that with what’s required for a product to be relevant in todays market.

To do that they choose materials and techniques that enhance the glove and allow it to better mesh with the modern cyclist.


Veeka have added numerous features like a silicone printed palm for grip, a small tab on the wrist to allow the gloves to be fitted easier as well as chosen to add veegan man made fabrics on three of the models to make them a more socially responsible choice.

Veeka doesn’t aim to re-invent the wheel, it is however determined to make it roll a little smoother.

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