Vienna Air King 2009

The fourth edition of the annual Vienna Air King mountain bike competition makes Vienna the centre of Europe’s dirt jump scene. The riders show their most spectacular tricks right in front of the picturesque Viennese city hall in order to win some of the overall 7.500 Euros prize money.

In 2008, 45 riders from 13 European countries made their way to the Vienna Air King. The ARGUS Bike Festival hosts one of the biggest dirt jump comps worldwide for a certain reason: Each year, about 85.000 people visit the festival and watch the guys performing their crazy tricks.
Last year’s winner Sam Pilgrim from the UK explains: “The Vienna Air King is one of the coolest comps, because it’s the first dirt event of the year, so you get to see all your friends and ride in a great place! The jumps are always super fun and I never can wait to get to the event and start riding!”

Sam is only one of Europe’s best dirt jumpers that are invited. But also rookies can apply for the Vienna Air king to become one of the additional riders. Please take a look at to get all the relevant information. Only a few additional starting places are available, so you have to hurry up. But be aware, the dirt line of the Vienna Air King 2009 will be very challenging. It features an about 8 metres high starting tower, including a decent step-down gap at the very beginning, followed by three big sized dirt jumps with wooden take-off ramps and a quarter pipe at the end of the track. The gaps between take off and landing will be five to six metres! You have to be an experienced rider. Also because you will compete against last years Top 12 riders like:

Sam Pilgrim UK
Mike Smith UK
Martin Söderström  SWE
Linus Sjoeholm SWE
Bartek Obukowicz POL
Trond Hansen  NOR
Benny Korthaus GER
Amir Kabbani GER
Alexander Etzold GER
Rob Jauch GER
Yannick Granieri FRA
Mischa Breitenstein CH

During last year’s Vienna Air King, the riders showed tricks that have never been seen before in Austria, like Sam Pilgrim’s Superman Backflip, or even have never been pulled at any international dirt jump competition worldwide, like the 360-Double-Tailwhip from Benny Korthaus, which made him win the Panasonic-Best-Trick-Competition. In 2009 Panasonic again awards the rider performing the most difficult and spectacular trick with their newest HD-cam.

No bike fan should miss this great event on April 4th and 5th. It’s not only the dirt jump contest that will attract visitors and spectators, but since it’s the first weekend in April, it is also the perfect chance for bike companies to show their new products of the upcoming Season 2009. Bike fans can wander around the exhibition area of the ARGUS Bike Festival and check out the newest trends in the bike industry.
Raiffeisen Club, Panasonic, Nissan and the mobile service provider “3” are proud to present you the “who is who” of Europe’s dirt jumping scene in the middle of Austria’s biggest bike festival and right in the heart of Vienna.