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For the fourth year in a row, Finale Ligure Bike Resort will host the final event of the Superenduro race series, the Finalenduro.
The discipline, born in Italy 4 years ago, has more and more followers and will host 400 riders coming from all over Europe.

Among them, 10 times DH world Champion Nicolas Vouilloz leading the strong french representative with Jérome Clementz, Remy Absalon and Greg Doucende as well as Top Italian XC’er Marco Aurelio Fontana and Canadian Freeride legend Richey Schley who will come back to Finale 12 years after filming “Kranked II” on some trails that are now famous all over the globe.

From Germany Finale will welcome the debut of Rob J in Superenduro, enough to impress the photographers, video makers and media who have confirmed to attend Finale Superenduro race. Moreover recent rumors are talking about the presence of the master of style Dan Atherton and the big return of Gred Herbold, SRAM Special Agent and MTB legend, beside the DH World Cup Champion 2011 Tracy Moseley and the italian Supersport biker Luca Scassa at his first experience with a mountain bike race.

The race format is the classical Superenduro – rally style with transfers and 5 chrono stages. Start and expo area are in the heart of Finale Ligure beautiful Vittorio Emanuele II square, between bars and gelaterie few steps from the blu Ligurian Sea.

Saturday 22 a short time-trial prologue will take place in the little streets of Finale Ligure at 19:00, followed by happy hour and DJ set.

The sunday menu is about 50 km race with 1.500 mt of climb and 5 stages. Starting at 9:30 the riders will pedal up to the San Bernardino flatland to ride the “Dolmen” stage, one of the classical stages of te Finaleenduro.

They will pedal up to the San Rocco Church where 2 stages will be put on fire: “Pian Merlino” and “Pian Marino” contain the essence of Superenduro racing with technical passages alternate to fast and rolling segments. Back to the start area for the time check and to be fed with Italian delicatessen, the riders will climb up to the Altopiano dell Manie through the suggestive “Roman Bridges Road” and to the top of Bric dei Crovi, the highest point of the 24H of Finale race loop.

The amazing view on the surroundings will rapidly disappear when the riders will take the start to the “Women DH” stage over Varigotti village. This will be the shooting hot spot, when the riders “dive” into the blu of the sea over the technical trail. The last stage is the “Briga” trail, a Finale classic that will bring down to the sea level the riders to be welcome for the price award ceremony of the event and to salute the 2011 Superenduro overall champion.

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