War of the generation

On june 13-14, Schnalstal ropes will switch on again for another epic summer. War of the generations want to be a gathering more than a fight, between the old generation that creates Senales scene and myth, and the new generation that escape to every shreddable corner of the earth, sometime forgetting one of the cradle of the Italian snowboard culture.

Black bib teen team and White bib senior team will shred togheter in the great Gentlemen Park till the reach of a verdict. The winner will shred free, the looser will only watch…and pay!
On saturday night they’ll throw an unforgettable party, where youngters and olders will drink and dance togheter again. You think you’re gonna miss it? So you’re already a looser.
So what you got to do is to book your room by writing to summer@gentlemenriders.com, then remember that on sat 13 from 10 am you could see history and future of national snowboarding shred and push each other, then from 17 pm you could drink Malibu for free at the skatepark, and finally from 8 pm dinner and party. On sunday shooter and filmers will invade the park to pick some pictures.