Watch out! Rocks in the middle review

Today I want to spend some words on this video project, born in 2006 in the very middle of Italy, not so far from the Capital. Its name is Rockinthemiddle, the maccaroni traslation for Rocca di mezzo, the name of a small south Appennines town, closer to the main resorts of the area. Their second work for 08 season is Watch Out, Rocks in the middle, perfect name to describe the struggle to find or build something rideable with the poor snow conditions of 07 season.

Laura Fusco and Alberto Martinelli are the soul collective behind the project. Their aim is to give a real picture of what snowboarding is, or what snowboarding should be: there are pros, there are less skilled riders, there are girls, there are young learning to ride, there are 25 metres kickers and there are 2 metres funbox, there are painfull streetrails, there are funny park boxes. All theese kinds of people and features are nicely mixed up to render a picture of every typical local snowboard scene like really is.


There is room for really good riding and there is room for jokes, smiles, friendship and poor snow conditions. Behind reviews never focused on trickery and name games, but this product really worths a download, ’cause the entire video project is that is fully downloadable for free from RITM website. So we give much props to Laura and Alberto and you should go immediately on their portal, download their video, check it out and let a comment on the guestbook. Deep respect for their work! Go ahead RITM!